21-22-23 september, 2021.

A space made for buyers and exhibitors, where for three days will hold business meetings through a 100% digital format and in a safe environment. This format allows participants to boost the industry, connect, reinvent themselves, face challenges and grow together. 

The platform offers benefits like:


– Better focused supplier selection.

– Connection from everywhere.

– Business streamlining.

– Group meetings between the team and supplier. 




Digital Business Event Rates

*For exhibitors


What is a Virtual Business Meeting Platform?

It is a friendly digital platform where suppliers and buyers hold business meetings quickly and efficiently. Before the event, buyers and suppliers create a detailed business profile of their company and, later using keywords and key categories in a matchmaking period, participants find the ideal suppliers / buyers to make and develop new business opportunities and connections.

What is the difference between a Virtual Business Meeting Platform and a Virtual Expo or Fair?

A Virtual Business Meeting Platform is having business appointments face to face, one to one and remotely via digital with potential clients for your company. A virtual expo is a graphic and digital representation of a fair, it can be from a gallery to a 3D replica of a commercial stand.

How is the Virtual Business Meeting Platform different from Zoom or Google Meets?

In which the Virtual Business Meeting Platform launches a strong campaign to attract international buyers so that exhibitors can have a directory of clients with whom they can connect; all in one place in a 100% digital environment.

What does B2B and Webinars mean?

B2B: Business to Business. Webinars: It is a word in English that is used to refer to conferences in digital format that are transmitted via the internet (Web red + Seminars – seminars)

What is Matchmaking?

Matchmaking means that within the platform suppliers and buyers with common interests and products are matched. For greater success, the system is opened in advance so that participants can see the profile of their counterpart, that is, they can enter to see your company’s information, send messages by chat, request to see your catalog and website, among other actions, in order to have a previous and finally, connect.

How can I participate?

The processes are simple and personalized:
If you are a buyer, you can do it for free and easily directly on the following page: As an exhibitor, you can contact an advisor to provide you with all the necessary information: You can also join as a sponsor of the platform and the conference program, by writing to the same email or by phone: 33 3343 3400 ext 1300.

Can I invite my frequent customers?

Of course, the purpose of the Virtual Business Meeting Platform is to maintain the connection with our market. To support you in this promotion, we prepared the marketing tool kit (you can review it here) where you can publicize your participation in the Virtual Business Meeting Platform of Expo Mueble Internacional.

Does my participation in the Virtual Business Meeting Platform have a cost?

Yes, only for providers.

Will the suppliers and buyers registered in the Virtual Business Meeting Platform continue to be active once the Business Meeting is over?

No, this platform will be active from March 10 to 12, 2021.

Can I participate if I want to make personal purchases?

No, only accredited suppliers and buyers can participate.

Do I need a computer, cell phone, browser or special requirement to connect?

Within the following link: in the upper right you will find a button that says: Test My Hardware, once you click it it will begin to perform the analysis of your team and will give you your compatibility (Video, Audio and Browser).

Are there tutorials where I can learn about the process to register?

Yes, we invite you to review our YouTube channel and review our webinars and guides in simple steps: